Course in Forest Field Science, Division of Biosphere Science, Graduate School of Environmental Science, Hokkaido University

Forest Environment and Function Research

Sense the rationale of forest environments in the immensity

Our group aims to reveal C (carbon)/ H2O (water)/ N (nitrogen) dynamics and the consequent ecosystem services in forested watersheds of cool-temperate zones. Biogeochemical, hydrological and micrometeorological backgrounds are necessary to achieve the objective.
Recent research topics are; Soil nitrogen biogeochemistry under changing climate; Water and soil quality changes with various land-use and land-cover alterations; Ecosystem ecology and ecosystem services; Effect of forestry activities on carbon & water cycles; Effect of global warming on soil respiration; Inter-site comparison of carbon cycles of Asian forests; Regional scale evaluation of forest carbon cycle; Snow accumulation and melting processes in forests of northern Hokkaido; Water budgets and hydrological processes in forest catchments.